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Mon to Sun 9am to 6pm
Allow 2 hours for a visit


Pramukh Swami Road Neasden, London NW10 8HW

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People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome

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‘Festival of Inspiration’

<h1>‘Festival of Inspiration’</h1>

Relive the historic 10-day community celebration through photos, videos and testimonials in this special news report.

Live Arti Webcast

<h1>Live Arti Webcast</h1>

Tune in to the evening arti offered at Neasden Temple.

The Live Arti Webcast will be available to view every evening from 6.35pm to 7.20pm.

‘The First of its Kind’

<h1>‘The First of its Kind’</h1>

This 14-episode documentary series chronicles the fascinating untold story of Neasden Temple and its creator, HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Timeless Hindu Wisdom

<h1>Timeless Hindu Wisdom</h1>

This inspiring web series aims to deliver practical guidance from Hindu teachings in a relatable, bite-sized format to help inspire purposeful daily living in the modern world.

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<h2>About Us</h2>

Learn more about Neasden Temple, its creator and inspirer

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